Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today I am...

I have just been doing the rounds through blogland and found this lovely idea on Shannon's Blog
and thought I'd give it a go! Play along too if you like, it'd be interesting to see what's going on with you all.

Today I am...

Listening to: The birdies in the woods behind my house. Lovely!

Reading: Peter James' Dead Tomorrow

Watching: Frasier - Guilty pleasure for some reason!

Obsessed With: Super Mario Bros on the DS - I have no idea how this game is meant for 3 year olds??!!!

Thinking About: Getting my Stampin up workshops up and running

Planning to: Find an alternative for exclamation marks (As you can see from this post, sooner the better! :o )

Dreaming of: The day I get to go on a holiday

Enjoying: The thought of a day off tomorrow with no plans what so ever!! Paper,
Glitter, Ribbon...Here I come!

Vowing to: Take up swimming again! Must must must do this!!

Working on: Sample cards for the Stampin Up workshops and what to buy next! :)

Excited about: Stereophonics @ Cardif city stadium on Saturday!! Whooooopeeee!!

Leave a link in the comments if you play, look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

K xx

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