Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aww Shucks... Thanks Clare!

Just want to say a BIG THANKS to Clare for the award she sent me! Twas just the boost I needed on such a TRULY rubbish (work related) day! So 'Thank you'!

So to keep the chain going, here are my 5 random facts...

1. I don't do Spoons - those who know me well understand, for those who don't feel free to ask, but it's a weird one.
2. I have no sense of smell... none whatsoever! It just stopped working when i was about 14!
3. Have had a weird connection to Jelly Tots since I was a child, they always made me feel happy! Still cannot go a Christmas without a large tube of them!
4. I cannot cope with food that 'pops' when you eat it... Tomatoes, peas, grapes etc. Bleurgh!
5. I'm a bit weird when I comes to hobbies, I collect them. I find something I like doing, totally immerse myself for varied periods of time and then never do them again. List of hobbies that have sadly bitten the dust include, Swimming, Photography, writing and attempting to grow plants.

Thankfully my passion for cardmaking and varoius other papercrafts is sticking around, and hopefully my skills will continue to develop. Especially with the constant inspiration that is circling blogland!

Awards I'd like to hand out are to

Nichole and the Girls @ Papertreyink, they provide me with great inspiration and amazing products which I love dearly

Clare, my new crafty friend! It's great to have you and your family around for inspiration and a good ol natter!

Liz @ Pink Petticoat, this was where my crfating obsession began. Liz designs some amazing printable cardmaking supplies that got my creative juices flowing originally!

All the guys and gals at Papertake weekly challenge, and Mojo Monday as layouts are the one thing that stumps me, so what better way to give you that creative boost you need than with these great sketches!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. congrats on the award...your cards are fabulous.....great work...have a wonderful day!

    enjoy *~*