Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something from almost Nothing!

Well, where do I begin...?

Since my last blog post so much has happened... I've suffered from a relapse of my M.E resulting in 3 weeks off work,(which I am still struggling to recover from)arranged to move house to another part of the country (We get the keys on Friday) and start a new job in amongst all the other challeges that present themselves on a daily basis!

But I'm determined to stay positive, see it as a fresh start full of new beginnings rather than the end of how things have previously been. Although any advice and input would be greatly appreciated. I still have a lot of ties to Bristol, the fabulous friends I've made, my crafty surrogate family who have looked after me over these last few months and the beauty and hilarity of the city itself... You shall all be missed, but I will be back! (Probably more than you wish!)

Anyway, now for the important news... :)
I am definately going to take part in this course as my scrapbooking and card making has fallen to the wayside (although my shopping hasn't) during these difficult few weeks. this seems like such a great opportunity and not having to do it alone really helps. Understandably it will be at a slightly delayed pace due to the move etc. so please bear with me?!